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Argox OX-330 Desktop Printer

Approx Price: Rs 15,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Printing length Max: 100 X (2540mm) / Min 0.2 (5mm)
  • Printing Width Max: 4.1 (104mm)
  • Model/Type: OX330
  • Max Printing Size: 300M
  • Printing resolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Printing Speed: 2-5ips
  • Printing Length: Max100 (2540)/Min 0.2 (5 mm)
  • Printing Width: Max4.1(104mm)
  • Memory: Flash ROM 8MB, RAM 16MB
  • CPU Type: 32 bit RISC microprocessor
  • Emulation: PPLA,PPLB
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Power Source: 100-240 V

Argox OX-330 Desktop Printer not only saves space,it lets you install a large 300M long ribbon for bigger printing demands.Ribbons and media are easier to load.With OX-330 ou can get the convinence of a small size printer with the functions of a larger printer and at amore compeitive cost.Its perfect printer for applications such as clothing tags,self-labeling,mailing,retail,shipping & receiving,inventory and patient tracking.

Zebra GC-420 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Piece
Product Details:
  • Resolution: 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
  • Outside diameter: 1.34 /34 mm
  • Memory: 8 MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM (standard)
  • Print Width: 4.09 /104 mm
  • Print length: 39 /990 mm
  • Print speed: 4 /102 mm per second maximum
  • Media sensors: Reflective and transmissive sensors
  • Media width: 1.00 /25.4 mm to 4.25 /108 mm
  • Ribbon capacity: 1:1 One ribbon per roll of media
  • Core I D: 0.5 /12.7 mm

Zebra GC-420 Barcode Printer affordability meets High-Quality Zebra’s feature-rich, competitively priced GC420™ desktop printer brings Zebra quality, durability and reliable performance to many low- to medium-volume, direct thermal and thermal transfer printing applications. Compact Design Filled with Powerful Features The GC420 printer’s compact, space-saving design contains a powerful 32-bit processor for fast label throughput, and 8 MB Flash memory for increased storage of fonts and graphics. The GC420 supports media widths up to 4.25” for standard desktop applications. It also includes both EPL2™ and powerful ZPL II® programming languages—making it easy to integrate with other Zebra printers. Peeler/dispenser option extends the GC420 printer’s versatility to meet an even greater variety of applications.


Standard Features:

  • Print method: direct thermal
  • EPL and ZPL programming languages standard
  • 32 bit RISC processor


More Standard Features

  • Quick and easy ribbon loading system
  • Construction: ABS double-walled casing
  • OpenACCESS™ design

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: GC420

SATO CG408TT Barcode Label Printer

Product Details:
  • Printing Method: Direct Thermal only (DT)
  • Max Print Area Width: 4.1 Inch (104mm)
  • Print Resolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Printing Speed: Maximum 4 ips (100mm/sec)
  • Weight: TT: 4.2 Ibs (1.9kg), DT: 3.75 Ibs (1.7kg)
  • Interface Options: USB + RS232C model, USB + LAN model
  • Thickness: 0.0024 Inch to 0.0075 Inch (0.06 to 0.19 mm)
  • Width: 0.87 Inch to 4.21 Inch (22 to 107 mm)
  • Media Type: Roll and Fanfold (Face-in, Face-out)
  • Storage: 10-60 Degree C / 15-85% RH (without condensing)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Sato CG408TT Barcode Label Printer

Sato SA408 Desktop Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 14,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 3 Piece
Product Details:
  • Printing Method: Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
  • Optional Items: Cutter, External Roll Unwinder, RTC Card
  • Printing Resolution: 03dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • CPU: 32 bit RISC microprocessor
  • Printing Width: Max 4.1 (104mm)
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Memory: 8MB DRAM (5MB user available), 4MB Flash ROM (2MB user available)
  • Dimensions: 273mm (L) x 225mm (W) x 185mm (H)
  • Programming Language: SZPL
  • Communication Interface: Parallel, USB, RS-232 (Baud rate: Max. 115200bps)
  • Model/Type: SA408

Sato SA408 Desktop Barcode Printer in size with a high ribbon capacity that allows you to load up to 300 meters of ribbon, this printer saves you time and effort through lesser roll changes. Its multiple communication interfaces and media sensor system provides flexibility for diverse media and applications.

On top of these, it offers the print performance of an industrial printer and the convenience of a compact printer and is the ideal printer for you to enhance the efficiency of your labeling and tagging processes.

Zebra GT-800 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 20,000 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece
Product Details:
  • Brand: Zebra
  • Dot pitch: 0.0049 (0.125 mm)
  • Maximum print length: 39.0" (991 mm)
  • Minimum print length: 0.005 (0.125 mm - one dot)
  • Core Diameter: 4375 - 1.5 (11.11 - 38 mm)
  • Max Roll Diameter: 5.00 (127 mm)
  • Media Type: Roll-fed or fan-fold
  • Height: 7.25 (184 mm)
  • Width: 7.75 ( 197 mm)
  • Resolution (dpi): 203 dots/inch (dpi) (8 dots/mm)

Zebra GT-800 Barcode Printer providing great performance and reliability at a competitive price, the gt800 direct-thermal/thermal-transfer desktop printer offers a wide range of advanced features to meet a variety of low-to-medium volume printing applications. the gt800 printer supports both 74- metre and 300-metre ribbon capacities and, because its intelligent design means that no additional settings are required for supporting different roll lengths, it is easy for users to select the appropriate length for the task in hand. larger ribbon capacity (requiring less frequent replacement) and its simplicity of use combine with reliability and compact design to make this printer an ideal choice for commercial environments with moderate printing requirements. With a full feature set and competitive pricing, the gt800 desktop printer provides an affordable route to Zebra quality

Intuitive and durable design the intuitive design of the gt800 printer combines with a choice of three connectivity interfaces and optional 10/100 ethernet, co-resident epl2™ and Zpl ii® programming languages, Unicode™ and optional Zbi 2.0™ to ensure that integration is quick and effi cient. print speeds of up to 127mm per second, a powerful processor and memory allocation make label processing and throughput fast and easy whilst ongoing management of the product and operator intervention are kept to a minimum with status reporting, odometer control and increased ribbon capacity. a durable, compact design supporting a range of media with widths of up to 114mm, the gt800 printer is an excellent choice for customers looking to migrate easily or upgrade from a competitor’s thermal-transfer desktop printer.

Ideal for these applications: • Healthcare – Document archiving – Specimen labelling – Sterile services labelling – thermal transfer patient identifi cation • Manufacturing – agency labels – product labelling • Retail – outdoor product labelling – retail pharmacy labelling and safety labels – Speciality printing • Security – asset marking – evidence tracking • Supply chain – product and shipping labels for outdoor use

TSC TTP 244 PRO Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 12,300 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Item Height: 18.6 Centimeters
  • Item Width: 22.4 Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 3.68 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 22.4 x 18.6 cm
  • Computer Memory Type: WRAM
  • Operating System: DOS
  • Model/Type: TSC 244

TSC TTP 244 PRO Barcode Printer is ideal for customers looking for a high quality barcode printer, coupled with low ownership costs. The TTP-244 Pro is competitively priced, comes with a two-year warranty, and accommodates a 300-meter-long ribbon, which keeps both daily and lifetime operating costs lower than other comparable printers. The TTP-244 Pro offers the largest media and ribbon capacities in its class. Unlike most printers, it can easily handle both a 300-meter ribbon and a full 8-inch OD roll of labels. With its fast 5 inch per second print speed, along with the largest memory capacity in its class, the TTP-244 Pro easily outperforms the competition. With its small, compact footprint and dual-motor design, the TTP-244 Pro is perfect for a wide variety of label and tag printing applications – everything from shipping labels to compliance and general purpose product-identification labels & tags. The TTP-244 Pro supports PDF417 and MaxiCode two-dimensional barcodes used to print complex transportation formats – a feature that makes it ideal for automobile service shops, stock rooms, and walk-in shipping and mail centers.

Honeywell PC-42T Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 14,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Processor: 2.26 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
  • Media Diameter: 127.0 mm (5.0 in)
  • Ribbon Support: Coated Side Out
  • Ribbon Width: 25.4 mm (1.0 in) to 109.2 mm (4.3 in
  • Print Resolution: 8.0 dpmm (203 dpi)
  • Max Print Width: 104.1 mm (4.1 in)
  • Display: 1 Feed Button and LED Display
  • Dimensions (millimetre): 297 mm x 226 mm x 177 mm
  • Weight (kilograms): 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
  • Print Speed (dpi): 101.6 mm/s (4.0 ips)

Honeywell PC-42T Barcode Printer to install and ready to print quickly, the streamlined PC42t thermal transfer desktop printer is an economical choice for media up to 110 mm (4.3 in) wide. Able to accomodate large ribbon sizes, the PC42t can print longer before needing media replenishment—lifting productivity in label-making operations.

PC42t Economy Desktop Printer Features and Benefits:
A Great Value.The PC42t is an economical solution for light-duty thermal printing applications.
Flexible Media Support.Supports a wide range of media, including 12.7 mm (0.5 in) or 25.4 mm (1 in) ribbon cores (depending on the model).
Well Connected.Industry-standard connectivity includes USB host and device, and options for Ethernet, parallel and serial communications.
Simple to Reload and Maintain.Easy to use, with a quick-opening design for media replenishment.
Wide Printer Language Compatibility.Supports ESim (EPL), ZSim (ZPL-II) and Direct Protocol (DP) print languages for maximum compatibility.

Zebra GT-820 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Item Weight: 4.76 Kg
  • Package Dimensions: 38.6 x 28.6 x 27.6 cm
  • Model/Type: Barcode Printer

Zebra GT-820 Barcode Printer

Ribbon Capacity300 meter
Processor32 bit RISC processor
Programming LanguagesCo-resident EPL and ZPL
Connectivity OptionsGT 800 series
InterfaceGT820: Serial & USB, GT800: Serial, USB & Parallel
Printing MethodThermal
ConstructionDual-wall frame, reinforced plastic
Dimension197x184x273 mm
Weight5 kg
Printer TypeEntry Level Printer

Resolution203 dpi
Memory8MB Flash, 8MB SDRAM
Print Width104 mm
Print Length990 mm
Print Speed127 mm/sec
Media SensorsFixed reflective and transmissive sensors

TSC TDP-247 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 16,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Item Weight: 3.2 Kg
  • Hard Drive Size: 160 GB
  • Hard Drive Interface: USB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Dimension (Millimeter): Package Dimensions
  • Memory (MB): SDRAM

TSC TDP-247 Barcode Printe direct thermal label printers offers best-in-class speed and high-resolution capabilities, along with a rugged, reliable design that has become the hallmark of the TSC printer family. The TDP-247 is ideally suited for product marking, shipping, retail and other labeling applications. The TDP-247 can print four-inch-wide 203 dpi labels at speeds up to 7 ips. The TDP-247 can come standard with USB, parallel and serial connections. Other options include an internal Ethernet interface for easy network integration, label cutters, and a keyboard for printing labels in standalone or down-time situations. Because of their compact design, the TDP-247 printers are ideally suited for a variety of applications, fitting easily into cramped work spaces that are often too small for larger printers. Both models feature a user-friendly clamshell design that allows users to simply open the cover and drop labels into a center-biased storage bay. Top-of-form sensing by gap, black mark, or notch is standard and completely adjustable from side to side.


  • Standard Memory: 8 MB
  • Memory Card Slot: Yes
  • Memory Card Supported: Secure Digital
  • Memory Technology: SDRAM
  • Flash Memory: 4 MB


Power Description:
  • Input Voltage:
    • 110 V AC
    • 220 V AC
  • Power Source: AC Supply


Network & Communication:
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • Ethernet Technology: Fast Ethernet


  • Limited Warranty: 2 Year


Fonts & Emulation:
  • Language Emulation: TSPL-EZ

TSC TTP-247 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 19,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Resolution: Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal
  • Printing method: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ips selectable
  • Max print width: 108 mm (4.25)
  • Max print length: 2,286 mm (90)
  • Physical dimension: 314 mm (L) x 213 mm (W) x 188 mm (H)
  • Ribbon capacity: 300 meter, 1 core
  • Memory: 8 MB DRAM and 4 MB Flash ROM
  • Sensors: Gap transmissive sensor (offset 6 mm from liner edge)
  • Internal font: Eight alpha-numeric bitmap fronts
  • Power (Watt): 100-240V

TSC TTP-247 Barcode Printer thermal transfer desktop barcode printerseries delivers more performance for the price than any other printer in its class. Based on the design of its best-selling predecessor, the TTP-245 Plus, the TTP-247 runs at an impressive 7 inches per second, printing up to 4 inches wide at 203 dpi resolution. A second model in the series – the TTP-345 – offers high resolution 300 dpi printing at 5 inches per second. Both models offer 8 MB of SDRAM and 4 MB of onboard Flash memory. Gigabytes of Flash memory can be added via an onboard SDHC card reader.

TTP-247 series offers USB 2.0, parallel and serial connectivity, plus an optional Ethernet port for networking. It also incorporates the TSPL-EZ™ printer-control language, which is fully compatible with other TSC printer languages, while supporting TPLE (Translation Printer Language Eltron®) and TPLZ (Translation Printer Language Zebra®). The languages automatically decipher and translate the format of each label as it is sent to the printer. TSPL-EZ™ also features internal scalable True Type fonts (based on the Monotype® font engine), which are typically found only in more expensive printers.

Like its predecessor, the TTP-247 series features a user-friendly clamshell design for easy drop-in media loading, along with a rugged double-wall design that is stronger and more durable than other thermal transfer mechanisms on the market. Its innovative two-motor gear-driven engine is powerful enough to handle a 300-meter-long ribbon and label rolls up to 8.4 inches in diameter.

By using two motors instead of the usual one, TTP-247 series printers operate at lower torque, reducing noise, decreasing wear and tear, and extending printer life. The platform’s user-friendly design makes it easy for operators to load and unload ribbons, and its 300-meter capacity is more than four times the industry-standard length for desktop printers.

The TTP-247 series holds up to a 5-inch OD roll on a 1-inch core and, using an optional external media hanger, can accommodate a full 8.4-inch OD label roll on a 3-inch core. With its many performance features and budget-friendly price, the TTP-247 series is by far one of the most attractive thermal transfer barcode printers on the market.

Argox CP-2140 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 16,750 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Piece
Product Details:
  • Printing Method: Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
  • Emulation: CP-2140, PPLA, PPLB
  • Printing Resolution: 203 dpi(8 dots/mm
  • Printing Speed: 2-4ips (50.8~101.6mm/s)
  • Printing Length: Max 100(2540mm)
  • Printing Width: Max 4.1 (104mm)
  • Memory: 8 MB DRAM and 4 MB Flash ROM
  • CPU Type: 32 bit RISC microprocessor
  • Operation Interface: LED indicator (Power/Ready)x 2, Button(Feed) x 1
  • Software Label editing: Seagull Driver, Bar Tender

Argox CP-2140 Barcode Printer not only saves space, it lets you install a large 300M long ribbon for bigger printing demands. Ribbons and media are easy to load, and you can select for ribbon ink-side in or ink-side out. A media sensor system delivers greater flexibility for diverse media and applications. A head-open switch initiates auto-calibration for more precise printing. Multiple communication interfaces include parallel(CP-2140), RS-232, USB, and optional Ethernet(CP-2140E).

The CP-2140 prints at 203dpi resolution and a speed of 4ips. Standard memory includes 4MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM. The printer has a modular design for easy maintenance, and printing noise is minimal. It supports the Windows 7 OS, 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes, QR barcodes, and Windows TrueType fonts.
You can use the CP-2140 as a standalone printer by adding the Argokee keyboard, and a scanner.With the CP-2140 you get the convenience of a small size printer with the functions
of a large printer and at a more competitive cost. It’s the perfect printer for applications such as clothing tags, self-labeling, mailing, retail, shipping & receiving, inventory and patient tracking. The new CP-2140 and CP-2140E printers continues Argox’s leading position in innovation, price, and performance.

  • Compact size and 300M ribbon capacity
  • Easy media and ribbon loading
  • Multiple communication interfaces
  • A variety of paper sensor system for diverse applications
  • Ribbon wound ink-side out or ink-side in available
  • Printing speed 4 ips, standard memory of 4MB FLASH and 8MB SDRAM
  • Module design and easy maintenance
  • Four Auto-Calibration Modes
  • Printing noise improved
  • Supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR barcodes, and windows true
  • type font download available

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CP-2140

Citizen CLS-621 Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 19,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Technology: Thermal Transfer
  • Ribbon: 360 metre (75mm OD) capacity. Ink side in or out.
  • Media Width: 4.1 inch, 104 mm printable width, 4.65 inch, 118 mm media width
  • Fonts: Scalable & Smooth on board including true -type font support as standard
  • Capacity: 5 inch (125 mm) internal paper roll. 8 inch (200mm) external roll holder,
  • Resolution (dpi): 200 dpi (8 dots / mm)
  • Print Speed (Inch/Second): 4 ips, 100 mm / second
  • Interface: RS232C Serial & USB standard
  • Memory (MB): 16Mb RAM, 4Mb Flash on board

Citizen CLS-621 Barcode Printer
  • Printing Method Thermal transfer / Direct thermal Print Width 4.1" (max) Resolution 203 dpi Print Speed 4 ips Media Types Roll or fanfold, Continuous or perforated, Die-cut labels, tags and tickets Paper Width (min/max) .077" - 4.65" Paper Thickness 0.0025" - 0.01" Paper Roll Size 5" (max) Print Length (min/max) .25" - 32"
  • Front exit - prevents damage from moisture or foreign objects Variable paper width - 0.5 inches (12.5 mm) - 4.6 inches (118.1 mm) Durable design - Citizen's proven Hi-LiftTM all-metal mechanism Paper thickness up to 0.250mm
  • Fast print out - 4 inches per second (100 mm per second) Hi-OpenTM case for vertical opening, no increase in footprint and safe closing. Integrated power supply enables clean work station No more unreadable labels - the ARCPTM ribbon control technology assures clear prints.
  • Triple interface USB and serial built-in plus interface card slot for optional card from list below. Serial Parallel USB LAN WiFi
  • Powerful 32 Bit RISC processor Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing 360-meter ribbon Standard and pediatric medical wristband capable Metal Hi-LiftTM print mechanism Standard internal parallel, serial and USB interfaces

Argox CP-3140L 300 DPI Barcode Printer

Approx Price: Rs 22,500 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Item model number: Argox CP-3140
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Printing Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Printing Width: Max. 104 mm
  • Memory: 8 MB DRAM and 4 MB Flash ROM

Argox CP-3140L 300 DPI Barcode Printer offers 300dpi resolution and larger memory for high quality printing. The high print resolution is perfect for producing text and graphics for applications such as clothing labels, photos on hospital I.D. bracelets, and labels for small retail items such as jewelry.

The CP-3140L/CP-3140LE holds a 300M long ribbon for large printing demands and for less frequent ribbon changes. Loading media and ribbons is quick and easy. A paper sensor system supports diverse media and you can select ribbon ink-side in or ink-side out. Four autocalibration modes deliver more precise printing. The printer provides multiple communication interfaces including parallel, RS-232, and USB ports.

The CP-3140L/CP-3140LE prints at a speed of 4ips and onto media of up to 50-inches in length. Standard memory includes 8MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM. The printer’s modular design simplifies maintenance. It supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes, QR barcodes, and Windows TrueType font download. The CP-3140L provides high quality printing for applications that require enhanced printing of text and graphics. The new CP-3140L/CP-3140LE printer is space-saving, flexible, and delivers outstanding print performance.


  • Compact size and 300M ribbon capacity
  • Easy media and ribbon loading
  • Multiple communication interfaces
  • A variety of paper sensor system for diverse applications
  • Ribbon wound ink-side out or ink-side in available
  • Printing speed up to 4 ips, and expanded memory for font, graphic and form storage
  • Module design and easy maintenance
  • Four Auto-Calibration Modes
  • Printing noise improved
  • Supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR
  • barcodes, and windows true type font download available
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